When was the last time your vents & Ducts were cleaned?

No matter how efficiently your canopy filters are trapping grease particles, it is inevitable that deposits will start building up within the kitchen extraction ductwork. If you do not undertake kitchen duct cleaning on a regular basis the grease over time will become baked on and extremely difficult to remove reducing the effectiveness of the system, shortening the extraction fan’s life and ultimately creating a serious fire hazard in the extraction ducting. In addition bacteria develops in the fatty moist deposits, this can become hazardous to health and a food source for cockroaches. Kitchen canopy and extraction cleaning is imperative to ensure all the buildings occupants are not at risk.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire safety) Order 2005 stipulates that by law a fire risk assessment should be undertaken. This requires the building’s owner or workplace manger to delegate a responsible person to carry out a fire risk assessment identifying all possible sources of fire and eliminate or at least minimise the risk to the buildings occupants. Regular kitchen extraction ducting cleaning will remove the most common cause of fire within the kitchen.

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B&ES Recommended Ventilation Ducting Cleaning Service Intervals
Light Use 2-6 Hours A Day


Moderate Use


6-12 Hours A Day


Heavy Use


12-16 Hours A Day Quarterly

Our kitchen ventilation ductwork cleaning practices comply with B&ES TR/19 standards as set out in their guide to good practice and our staff are trained in accordance to the B&ES green book training scheme. We are increasingly seeing evidence that failure to have a professional accredited company undertake your kitchen duct cleaning is invalidating insurance policies, after the devastating effects of fire on businesses.

We always undertake our ventilation ductwork cleaning service at times convenient to you and do not charge extra for weekend or night work. Where access to the ducting is not in place we will install access panels to ensure thorough cleaning of the ductwork. On completion, we provide a comprehensive post clean report and Fire Safety Certificate for your ductwork. This is acceptable to environmental health inspections, fire regulations and insurance companies and is evidence to show you have taken the appropriate action to minimise the risks from your extract ductwork.

Kitchen Deep Cleaning

We can handle all your kitchen cleaning needs No matter how effective your daily, weekly or monthly cleaning routines are there will be a progressive accumulation of soil. Particularly grease on less accessible surfaces like canopies, ducts, light fittings, floors, walls behind equipment and ceilings. This operation generally requires the services of a professional contractor. Our cleaning should not be confused with steam cleaning; steam & water alone will not produce a satisfactory result.

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Kitchen cleaning is seen as "Due Diligence", helping towards minimising health risks. Since the introduction of the Food Safety Act 1990, and in the advent of further enforcements of this act like the Food Safety (General Food Hygiene Regulations) 1995 and Food Hygiene (England) Regulations 2006, stricter regulations are continually being enforced on the catering industry.

Our deep cleaning report and validation certificate is acceptable to environmental health inspectors, fire regulations and insurance companies. Kitchen deep cleaning is tailored to suit the individual needs of the caterer. This encompasses structural cleans, high level work, ventilation canopies, hot cooking equipment, ancillary equipment, floors and complete kitchen deep cleans.

Our quality kitchen cleaning service is tailored to suit your requirements. Kitchen deep cleaning is scheduled to fit around the needs of the caterer, with no extra charges made for weekends or overnight cleans. Trained cleaning technicians will arrive at a time best suited to you to thoroughly deep clean your kitchen and bring it up to a standard that you will be proud of.

Prior to undertaking any cleaning work we provide a free written quotation and survey assessment. Our consultants are available to discuss your individual requirements.